Saffron tea benefits

Benefits Of Saffron Tea

What Is Saffron

Saffron Is most expensive Spice. Saffron Is Found Is many parts of Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Spain .

Saffron Is Used for Making Soaps, Medicines, Perfume and Main Saffron is Used as Teas which Is Known as Saffron Tea. Here are some Important Saffron Tea Benefits.

Saffron tea Benefits:

Benefits of saffron tea
  • It is a wonderful antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to decrease the risks of many diseases including cancers. These kill free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Because of the antioxidants, the risk of many heart diseases is reduced. Cardiovascular diseases are prevented and cataracts too. Saffron tea is beneficial for treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. too

  • Saffron tea helps in the treatment of depression and elevates mood. This is because saffron is known to have antidepressant properties. These antidepressant properties are because of the chemicals’ safranal and crocin. The drink helps to fight the issue by balancing the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. This helps fight anxiety as well as depression. 

  • As mentioned earlier, saffron tea has anti-cancer properties. Smokers must take saffron tea as this may protect them from lung cancer. Moreover, saffron tea protects from prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer too.

  • Saffron tea reduces PMS symptoms. When periods are approaching in the monthly cycle of every girl, annoying nature, irritability, unnecessary tensions occupy a lady’s brain. Saffron tea eliminates these things. Reduce cramps and have a stress free menstruation.

  • Saffron tea is aphrodisiac. It arose sexual instincts and desires.

  • Saffron tea aids in weight loss. Serotonin that gets balanced because of saffron tea intake, prevents compulsive overeating. This further aids in weight loss. Appetite is curbed resulting in the burning of fat that helps in weight loss.


Saffron Tea Benefits Benefits for Skin:

Saffron tea bags

It has been long known that mothers and mothers-in-law in the country of India would give their daughters and daughters’ in-law Saffron in different food items, from their second trimester onwards. The reason for this was the belief that Saffron causes fairness and the beauty of the baby. However, saffron tea if drank every night before sleeping does make the skin glow. Moreover, it makes the skin healthy. Flavonoids present in Saffron prevent the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Saffron Tea Side Effects 

There are researchers who claim that taking more than 10g saffron tea a day can be toxic. Headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, and weakness. 

In rare cases, it could be harmful to kidneys too.

Pregnant women need to be a little more vigilant about their health. Before starting to consume Saffron tea they must consult their doctors, given its not only their health and the fluctuations in the hormones, remedies change. Not more than 5 g of saffron tea must be consumed. Care should be taken not to take saffron in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Taking saffron tea during pregnancy can cause contractions and god forbid lead to miscarriages.

Saffron tea benefits

American Saffron tea Benefits 

American saffron tea gives a yellow hue when prepared. There are numerous benefits it serves as the following:

American saffron tea help in the treatment of Psoriasis. In this condition, the skin cells tend to multiply themselves and develop red patches covered with white scales. This is an immune-related condition and can be treated by the intake of saffron tea as it strengthens the immune system.

American saffron tea prevents the accumulation of gas leading to certain gastrointestinal effects.

The peristaltic movement of the intestines is kept in the check and smooth passing of the stool is promised.

Also, American saffron tea aids in digestion cures the ulcers of the duodenal area and keeps the skin younger and beautiful for a longer age period.

Saffron Tea Spiritual Benefits

Increasing the focusing power, saffron can help you to advance spiritually. Basically, saffron tea affects psychic abilities and mental capabilities. Moreover, it helps in the pursuit of divination. Saffron tea usage is ancient and is included in so many ceremonial contexts. Also, it helps to retain more of the spiritual knowledge and growth, leading to self-empowerment.

In Sikhism saffron tea is believed to protect you from injustice and for Hindu Gods, Saffron tea is truly beloved.

It is sense provoking and arouses sexually. It is known to be linked to the energies of fertility. It is said that in Persia pregnant women would wear a pendulum with saffron inside it, round their stomachs. It is known to have healing powers.

It is known to bring wealth and fortune.

Saffron Green Tea Benefits


You can call it typical Kashmiri Kahwa except that it only includes two ingredients- saffron and green tea. The  benefits of Saffron Green tea are:

  • improves brain functioning

  • Aids in fat loss

  • Protects against many cancers

  • lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases

  • Reduces the bad breath

  • Protects from Parkinson’s diseases

  • Protects from Alzheimer’s

  • Prevention against type 2 diabetes

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Delays ageing

  • Enhancing skin beauty

  • Purifies blood

  • Reduce appetite

  • Reduce PMS symptoms

  • Treat depression

Saffron Tea Recipe:


Saffron tea is available in the market in any form. You can purchase the tea itself from the market or simply you can grind saffron at home so as to add it in any sort of tea you want.

The first way is definitely way too easy and doesn’t involve any labour.

If you purchase Saffron tea bags then all you need to do is to boil a cup of water real hard. Now put the Saffron tea bag into the boiled water cup, dipping it in. you can use lemon for taste and extra health benefits. Dry fruits may be used even.

Same procedure applies when you purchase Saffron tea powder. What varies is whether you want to/ have to add sugar or salt to your beverage. If you have purchased Saffron black tea, read the guidelines for whether milk powder is in the ingredients or not. If it is then all you need to do is boil water and then add a spoon or two of the Saffron tea powder. If it isn’t then well firstly you need to take half cup of water. Add a teaspoon of powder to it. Boil the contents. When tea spills its color to the water, add milk. You can add Sugar if you want.

Now if you are having Saffron Oolong tea, the procedure is same as that of the Saffron black tea, only you can add salt instead of the Sugar. 

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