How to make Kahwa at Home

Preparation Of Kashmiri Kahwa At Home

 Traditional Kashmiri Way Of Preparing Kashmiri Kahwa At Home 

How to make Kahwa at Home

Are You tied Of Old Tea Which Is Served Daily To You Or You are Cosious about Your Health. If You Want Take Care For Your Health then you are in The Best Place where you read about Healthy Auyurvedica Kashmiri Kahwa Tea. Kashmiri Kahwa are Usually Used By Mughal Kings In Earlier Days . Today People from India and other Parts Of World know The Importance of Having kahwa Daily in The morning especially when you take Pure Kashmiri Kahwa. With the Help of the Internet, You Can Easily buy Kashmiri Kahwa tea from Kashmir at Your Doorstep anywhere. Now Coming The topic How You Can Make Kashmiri Kahwa Tea at home in just 2 Minutes.First Take a Look How Kashmiri Make kahwa Tea.

Kashmiri Made Kahwa At Home

 Marriages are the occasions when Kahwa preparations can be seen in bulk. The brides family serves their relatives with simple Kahwa while the Grooms procession is served with What is called “Doadi Kahwa”. 

Traditional copper kettle known as Samovar is used and it has a long central pipe that is connected to the hollow base of the vessel. The base lies below the partition where all the ingredients are put in. 

The central pipe is filled with burning coal. In the cooking portion, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, green tea leaves, nuts, saffron strands and the sugar are put along with water. The contents are boiled hard till the spices infuse their valour and aroma in the water.

However, to reduce the effort, nowadays cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks along with green tea leaves are boiled on a gas stove in some pan.  This concentrated solution is then placed in the cooking portion of Samovar adding more water to it along with the crushed rose petals. Sugar is served in individual sugar pots with spoons to stir it. Nuts are placed in the empty cups upon which the solution is poured. Later single saffron strands are placed in each cup to be served. However, those who are to consume need to add sugar according to their taste.   

Preparation Of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea At Home



Normally, people add powdered pepper in the solution too, adding a few cloves to the mixture as well.Now let me make you aware of what Kahwa, the “Barat”- grooms procession is served with.

Same as the simple Kahwa is prepared in the Samovar, Dode kahwa is prepared in that way too. Dode means milk, so in place of water, Milk is used and boiled hard. Also, saffron is not placed in the milk and then boiled. Instead, it is put inside the cups. Care must be taken not to place ingredients into the milk directly. As all the elements of Kahwa need to dispense their valour and smell, all these need to be boiled in a few amounts of water. Later the solution obtained needs to be added to the milk

Preparing Kahwa from the powders available in the market is very easy. Just take the powder at the tip of a spoon, if you are to prepare for 5-6 people. Boil the contents and add the nuts. Serve and enjoy.

Types of Kahwa Tea You Can Make At Home

Kashmiri Usually Comes in Main 2 Types

  • Sugar-Free Kahwa Tea
  • With Sugar Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

What you need to keep in mind is that the powdered Kahwa ingredients come with a strong flavour. Don’t use much. This Is best guide to make kahwa at Home.

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